Lowongan Kerja Kedutaan Besar Amerika Serikat (AS) di Jakarta

Kedutaan Besar Amerika Serikat salah satu perwakilan negara dari Amerika Serikat di Indonesia untuk menjaga hubungan diplomatik saat ini sedang membuka lowongan kerja. Kedutaan Besar Amerika Serikat untuk Republik Indonesia terletak di Jakarta tepat di sebelah selatan Monas di Jalan Medan Merdeka Selatan. Bangunan aslinya dirancang oleh arsitek Ceko Antonin Raymond dan Ladislav Rado. Berikut ini adalah Lowongan Kerja Kedutaan Besar Amerika Serikat (AS) di Jakarta.

instalink.id/blog.com saat ini berfokus memberikan informasi lowongan kerja BUMN dan anak perusahaan BUMN. Perusahaan BUMN merupakan salah satu perusahaan incaran para jobseker, selain karena fasilitas perusahaan yang mumpuni juga pendapatan gaji yang cukup terkenal lebih tinggi dari perusahaan perusahaan swasta. Hal ini yang menarik para jobseker untuk berlomba-lomba bisa masuk perusahaan BUMN.

Banyaknya jobseeker yang ingin bekerja di perusahaan BUMN ini membuat persaingan semakin sengit. Untuk itu kami menyadari bahwa kalian menginginkan referensi lain dari informasi lowongan pekerjaan. instalink.id/blog saat ini juga mengumpulkan informasi lowongan pekerjaan dari perusahaan Swasta maupun Instansi Pemerintahan sebagai salah satu opsi pilihan.

Lowongan Kerja Kedutaan Besar Amerika Serikat (AS) di Jakarta

1. Administrative Clerk

  • Open Period : 12/02/2022 – 12/16/2022
  • Hiring Agency : Embassy Jakarta
  • Salary : Not Specified
  • Hiring Patch : Open the public
  • Work schedule : Full Time (40 hours per week)

Duties :

1. Provides General Management Assistant. 40%

  • Incumbent provides administrative job for 58 staff in GSO/PAW section including two warehouses for Hang Jebat and Pondok Pinang Warehouse. 
  • In this capacity, she/he independently resolves issues/problems related to administrative works. 
  • Ensures filing systems are maintained and current.
  • Ensures security, integrity, and confidentiality of personnel data.
  • Handles incoming and outgoing mail for distribution to the right person and section.
  • Makes sure that the office runs smoothly, which includes keeping supplies in stock, making sure administrative and office staff are doing their job, working with vendors, planning events, making sure the facilities are clean, orderly and safe, and analyzing supply and
    energy consumption to determine cost-saving and efficiency savings.
  • Acts as a main Time and Attendance (T&A) keeper for GSO/PAW section.
  • Sends emails to all Supervisor staff to submit their T&A reports and other supporting documents (overtime, leave request) for each pay periods. Checks if overtime
    sheets and leave requests are approved and signed by supervisors.
  • Enters the hours worked and the number of hours of
    each type of leave into the system (sick or annual leave).
  • Verifies if all data computerized, processed and validated and submits the time and attendance correctly.
  • Serves as the GSO/PAW travel arranger and used the E-2 solution software system as the official travel arrangement system.
  • Follows up on travel advances and reimbursement vouchers to ensure that they have been processed and paid in time.
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2. Serves as a Procurement agent, a holder of US Government credit card and a Sub cashier for petty cash for GSO/PAW section. 30%

  • Produces and handles all procurement request documents for FAP items and warehouse equipment funded by ICASS, FAP and other agency as directed by the Accountable Property Office and the Senior Warehouse Supervisor.
  • Maintains master excel spreadsheet tracking all procurement request submitted for GSO/PAW from time requested until completely received.
  • Prepares all purchase requests in Ariba (ILMS) for the property section; periodically reviews all GSO Property
    purchase requests with the procurement section to determine status of requests and coordinate tracking of shipments and purchase documents to support receiving and inventory reports.
  • Acts as an essential link between Procurement and FMC
    to follow up and to track the completeness of procurement request.
  • Handles petty cash with the amount of IDR 12,000,000 ($900.00) for two warehouse operation in GSO/PAW section.
  • Acts. as a holder of US Government credit card with the amount of $50,000.00 in a month.

3. Serves as a liaison with Human Relation office for PAW section with 58 the total employees. 30%

  • Assists the HR Assistant in maintaining up-to-date records for each employee and tracking the status of
    performance evaluation report and position description for each employee.
  • Acts as the liaison with HR section for recruitment, promotion, EPR’s and retirement for all staff in the GSO/PAW section.
  • Maintains up-to-date records for each employee and keeps track the status of performance evaluation report and position description for each employee.
  • Tracks and files all requests for medical reimbursements.
  • Follows up with local Insurances company and HR staff for any matters related to the medical insurance issues.
  • Serves as a Liaison with other section (Local Security, Medical unit, IRM and other section).
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Qualifications and Evaluations :

  • Requirements : EXPERIENCE:  The position requires two years of progressively responsible experience in accounting, administrative and
    secretarial including
  • Education Requirements: College (2 years) or Post-Secondary School.
  • Evaluations : LANGUAGE:  Fluent in Speaking/Reading/Writing in English and Bahasa Indonesia is required. THIS WILL BE TESTED.
  • SKILLS AND ABILITIES : Must have a good working knowledge of an active office environment; be thoroughly familiar with reporting structures and the standard office hierarchy; must know how to support multiple persons simultaneously including maintaining an adequate stock of office supplies; must know how to set up and maintain a filing system. Must be customer service oriented, able to handle difficult customers with tact. Typing at a minimum 40 words per minute with less than 2 errors per minute is required.

2. Warehouse Worker (Furniture Repairman)

  • Open Period : 11/27/2022 – 12/16/2022
  • Hiring Agency : Embassy Jakarta
  • Salary : IDR Rp73.084.574
  • Hiring Patch : Open the public
  • Work schedule : Full Time (40 hours per week)

Duties :

  • Incumbent is responsible for the day-to-day activities in the warehouse to prepare furniture, also performing minor repairs and refinishing furniture in the warehouse and residences. Install shelves for all warehouse storage. Installs and modifies modular furniture and desks in the warehouse and offices. Perform other general warehouse function duties as requested by the supervisor.

Qualifications and Evaluations :

  • Requirements : EXPERIENCE:  One year of warehouse experience and two years experiences as a repairer/refinished. 
  • Education Requirements : Completion of Secondary School or is required
  • Evaluations : LANGUAGE:  Limited knowledge in English (Reading/Writing/Speaking) and Fluent in Bahasa Indonesia (Reading/Writing/Speaking). THIS WILL BE TESTED.
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3. Warehouse Worker

  • Open Period : 12/02/2022 – 12/16/2022
  • Hiring Agency : Embassy Jakarta
  • Salary : IDR Rp64.683.709
  • Hiring Patch : Open the public
  • Work schedule : Full Time (40 hours per week)

Duties :

  • This standard job description is for a Warehouse Worker who is responsible for safe handling, moving and storage, and inventory of both expendable and non-expendable items. The position is in the General Services Office and under the supervision of the Pondok Pinang Warehouse Supervisor and/or Pondok Pinang Warehouse Supply Assistant.  This position will be based in Pondok Pinang, Jakarta.

Qualifications and Evaluations :

  • Requirements : EXPERIENCE:  A minimum of two (2) years of experience in manual labor or warehouse work is required.
  • Education Requirements : Completion of Primary School (Sekolah Dasar).
  • Evaluations : LANGUAGE: English rudimentary knowledge in Reading/Speaking and Bahasa Indonesia limited knowledge in Reading/Writing/Speaking are required. THIS WILL BE TESTED.
  • SKILLS AND ABILITIES: Ability to physically able perform loading and unloading. Must be able to handle heavy objects smoothly and efficiently; Must be able to able to lift a maximum of 51 lbs. (23kg) under OSHA standards; Ability to use warehouse tools and safely operate equipment such as forklifts, hand trolleys, electronic lifters etc.; Must be able to perform assign tasks in all types of weather, and environmental weather conditions to include at times severe cold, extreme heat, wet or dry weather conditions, and high winds.

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